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+ 157 iii. Henry C. Burks, born 1840 in MS.
158 iv. Patsy Burks, born 1843.
+ 159 v. George Burks, born 1843.
160 vi. Henrietta Burks, born 1848.
161 vii. Charles M. Burks, born 1849 in TN.
162 viii. Marrietta Burks, born 1854.
163 ix. Hannah Burks, born 1860.

70.  Mary Jane4 Burks (Richard3, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born 1817 in Madison Co., AL.  She married William G. Eddins July 17, 1833 in Madison Co., AL.

Children of Mary Burks and William Eddins are:
164 i. William5 Eddins, born 1834.
+ 165 ii. Mary Eddins, born 1836.
166 iii. Henrietta Eddins, born 1837.
167 iv. Judith Eddins, born 1841.

88.  Miss4 Burks (John Peartree3, John Peartree2, Samuel1) was born 1770.  She met John Lyon.

Notes for John Lyon:
Pat Gohlke: Lyon married Miss Burks, mother of James Lyon Burks. The children listed to this couple have not been proven to date. Exa Wolfe tells of the tradition that James Lyon Burks was the son of Miss Burks and his father was a Lyon. She also tells of the grandfather Burks wanting to adopt a male
and chose James because he looked so much like the Burks family. James' mother did not want him
to go alone, so she sent his brother William to go live with the grandfather. Miss Burks the mother of
James and William hated her given name so much and considered it to be common and forbade her
children to pass it down to their daughters as was the family tradition. It is not known whether she
married Mr. Lyon, nor has it been proved that there was a Mr. Lyon. However, Thomas Jefferson
Burks, son of James Lyon Burks, stated in 1909, that his father's real name was Lyon, and that the
mother's name was Burks.

Children of Miss Burks and John Lyon are:
+ 168 i. Nancy5 Burks, born in Jasper, GA; died 1854 in Talbot, GA.
+ 169 ii. Chesley Burks, born 1788 in SC.
+ 170 iii. James Lyon Burks, born April 18, 1791 in Edgefield Co., South Carolina or Lincoln Co., Georgia; died May 09, 1866 in Damascus, Scott Co., MS.
+ 171 iv. William Burks, born 1796; died October 1863 in near Buena Vista, Chickasaw, MS.

89.  John4 Burks (John Peartree3, John Peartree2, Samuel1) was born 1779 in Henry, VA.  He married Fannie Garnett.