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Notes for John Burks:
This person per Basil Burks.

Child of John Burks and Fannie Garnett is:
172 i. Henry Harrison5 Burks, born 1813 in Barran-Metcalf, KY.

94.  Nancy4 Burks (Isham3, John Peartree2, Samuel1) was born July 23, 1791.  She married Elias Fletcher 1808.

Child of Nancy Burks and Elias Fletcher is:
+ 173 i. Isham Burks5 Fletcher, born 1809.

Generation No. 5

105.  William Lynchfield5 Burks (Samuel4, David3, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born November 15, 1792 in Amherst Co., VA, and died August 28, 1856 in Rockbridge, VA.  He married Elizabeth Petit October 10, 1810.

Children of William Burks and Elizabeth Petit are:
174 i. Frances Ann6 Burks, born 1811 in VA.
175 ii. William T. Burks, born 1814 in VA.
176 iii. Temperence Katherine Burks, born 1815 in VA; died 1888 in MO.
177 iv. Sarah Pettit Burks, born 1817 in VA.
178 v. Margaret Parks Burks, born 1819 in VA.
179 vi. Samuel Jackson Burks, born 1823 in VA.
180 vii. Hugh Martin Burks, born 1827 in VA.
181 viii. Hezekiah Reid Burks, born November 25, 1829 in VA; died February 20, 1869 in Ringgold, IA.  He married Janetta Miller December 08, 1853 in Rockbridge, VA.
182 ix. Martha Jane Burks, born 1833 in Botetourt, VA.

108.  Margaret Parks5 Burks (Samuel4, David3, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born April 17, 1807, and died November 23, 1834.  He married Thomas Hazelwood Scott July 31, 1826 in Amherst Co., VA, son of William Scott and Ann Jones.

Notes for Thomas Hazelwood Scott:
His will recorded Campbell County, VA, Will Bk. 12, Page 351

"My body, I consign to its mother earth. My Spirit, I commit to the hands of that being who gave it for salvation. I rely upon the atoning blood of Christ, and look forward to a glorious and happy immortality.
Sons: William R. Scott and Elisha G. Scott
Daughters: Mary W. Brian, Margaret A. Rucker, Belinda A. Rucker
Brother: Hugh R. Scott
Grandson Richard Widmore (son of William R. Scott)
Witness: Frank G. Scott